Workshops Sept. 23rd to 26th: Hilary Mils Lambert "Painting the Essence": Workshop in Oils"

Hilary is a popular teacher and painter.  Her landscape workshop is located at the Landgrove Inn.  From there we travel close by to private homes and interesting places.   In case of weather, we have a workshop barn with north light perfect for still-life and model work.  At the end of the workshop, there is an art show and all the neighbors are invited.

The workshops will focus on:

Landscape painting on location

Strengthening composition

Seeing and simplifying shapes

Identifying value planes

Capturing light

Understanding color harmony

Creating texture

Developing personal expression


Hilary Mills Workshop general information.   Please call Hilary at 925-708-6497 or email her at hilary@millsgallery.com for more information.